Updated 14th February 2018

The British Drug Free Powerlifting Association was formed in 1989 with the express purpose of providing an alternative National platform for Drug Free Competition at a time when the use of Performance Enhancing Drugs was rife and unchecked in the associations of that era. Little has changed, despite proud claims within other organisations.  In 2014 it celebrated its 25th year as the BDFPA (formerly called the BPA). It is our view that our Association is needed as much today as ever before.

All BDFPA events and activities take place against the background of the Association's total and unequivocal commitment to a policy of rigorous drug control. Our drug testing programme is funded entirely from members' subscriptions, and conducted by a network of approved sampling officers around the UK. Our anti-doping policy is guided by the WADA code, although test refusals or anabolic positives normally result in an automatic life ban, the only organisation to impose a total restriction on Drug Cheats, subject to appeal. In 2012 over 70 drug tests were conducted by the BDFPA whilst 2013 saw over 100 something never achieved by any other organisation at that time.  This was eclipsed in 2015 when the association tested over 220 individuals, almost 25% of its membership. The BDFPA test results are posted for all to view demonstrating our commitment to open reporting and as an organisation we complete nearly as much as 10 times more tests than other federations.

The BDFPA’s commitment to combatting drugs in sport see it as the only body recognised and affiliated to The Army, Navy and Royal Air Force Powerlifting Associations.    
The BDFPA is affiliated to the WDFPF (World Drug Free Powerlifting Federation), and is the only UK powerlifting organisation recognised by the international body. This is the cornerstone of BDFPA competition, as our members are extremely particular who they lift against. Our membership of the WDFPF is therefore non-negotiable.

Generous team allocations mean that many lifters can represent their country in World and European competitions, who would otherwise not get the opportunity to do so. The BDFPA has a full calendar of local, national and international events. We offer both RAW and EQUIPPED competition, for all ages where others restrict age, for men and women. Records are held for all categories of competition. The Association also has a Youth Development programme and incentive schemes to appeal to novices in clubs, schools and colleges.

The BDFPA goes from strength to strength. Membership has trebled in the past five years. If you believe that drug-free lifters belong in a drug-free organisation, lifting against other like-minded individuals and drug-free bodies around the world - then you belong in the BDFPA and the WDFPF. Join us. 

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