Divisional Qualification for National Events only

In order to support all those members who wish to participate in National Events but have not yet qualified the BDFPA have reintroduced the facility of Qualification by Referee during this current situation. This provision is intended for use where qualification events are yet to be established.
To CLARIFY – Any person who joined the BDFPA on or before the 31 Jan 22 has an automatic qualification to the National Championships. Anyone who joined 1 Feb onwards MUST post a qualification lift in order to attend.
So what is qualification by referee    As the name suggests this is an opportunity for an individual to post a lift by lifting only in front of a referee and not as part of a structured competition.
How does it work?     Having arranged to meet with a designated BDFPA referee the individual will be required to be weighed, this will determine their qualification lifts against their age. When ready the individual will perform the required lifts in line with the rules of that discipline. The referee will then send confirmation to the BDFPA NC that the individual has qualified in the weight and age class of the discipline undertaken.
How do I contact a referee?     This is done by e-mailing the President and requesting a “Qualification by Referee”. You must provide your full name, age, address and a contact phone number. This will be provided to a referee in your area who will contact you to make the arrangements.

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We are delighted to announce our partnership with BRAWN and will be encouraging all lifters to sign up to enhance their experience within Powerlifting.

It has been designed and built by 2 experienced lifters who have a clear vision to help grow the sport.  Having spoken to them over the last couple of months and seen the product we are hugely supportive of their mission!

BRAWN will help make powerlifting more connected, inclusive and accessible for all and the BDFPA have been able to agree free access to all of our members which means that when the competition diary opens up you’ll be able to access all federation data from BRAWN directly.

What is Brawn?

BRAWN is an app and webs service exclusively for Powerlifters.  If you have competed before then all your competition data should be there, you just need to search for your profile and claim it!

Once you’ve done that you will be able to access unique data insights and competition analysis.

BRAWN also has live leader boards so that you can compare your training numbers with other lifters in the UK and across the globe.

You don’t need to be tech savvy to use the system, it works across all browsers, just sign up.

If you want to follow news from BRAWN directly please visit instagram.com/brawn_power

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