Divisional Areas

East Midlands: Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Rutland, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire
Eastern Counties: Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Huntingdon
West MidlandsShropshire, Staffordshire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Warwickshire, Gloucestershire, West Midlands
North Midlands:  Cheshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, South Humberside.
North East:  Yorkshire, North Humberside, Cleveland, Durham, Northumberland, Tyne & Wear
North West:  Lancashire, Cumberland, Cumbria, Westmoreland, Isle of Man
Northern Ireland
Southeast:  Greater London, Surrey, Kent, Sussex
South West:  Cornwall, Devon, Somerset
Southern Counties:  Berkshire, Wiltshire, Hampshire, Dorset, Isle of Wight, Channel Islands

Eastern Counties Division

Steve Van Kempen

Steve has been involved with the BDFPA since 1998, assisting with spotting & loading, competing, organising and refereeing competitions. He assisted the WDFPF president and the IDFPF to set up and run their first national event as a newly established federation. Steve took over the position of Eastern Counties Divisional Representative in 2016, please contact for more information.

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East Midlands Division

Hey I’m Habee.

I am the East Midlands Divisional Representative.

I joined the BDFPA in 2014 and have been competing since. I am hugely passionate about the sport of Powerlifting. I have competed Divisionally, Nationally and Internationally. I am also a National Referee.

I hold a few National and International titles under my belt, maybe a few records too. In 2018 I decided It was time to start giving back to the sport and became a Divisional Representative and have run events and conducted drug testing.

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North Midlands Division

Phil Tempest

Phil joined the BDFPA in 2003, having competed in the RAF Powerlifting Champs after many years of training and ‘thinking about’ entering a competition. So began a journey that has seen much travel both domestically and internationally, and has formed many good friendships and some fantastic memories and experiences. A member of the RAF Powerlifting committee since 2004, he has been instrumental in advising and actively promoting Powerlifting within the RAF for many years.  Phil qualified as an International Referee in 2011, which he finds very enjoyable and takes much pleasure in providing (hopefully) helpful advice to fellow lifters, from both a lifters and a referee’s perspective. Based in Lincoln, he is looking forward to working with and serving the interests of all North Midlands members.

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North West Division

Ruth Gardner

Ruth joined the BDFPA in 2016. In 2017 she became a divisional level referee upgrading to national referee in October 2019 and became the North West Divisional Rep in March 2020.

Since joining, Ruth has lifted at both National and International competitions as well as supporting events as an official.  The North West Division is fortunate to be supported by Hive Athletics – CFCL as a venue for its competitions in Lancaster.

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Scotland Division

Chris Martin

Chris joined the BDFPA in 2007 having previously lifted with BWLA in 2004. He was instrumental in forming the Royal Navy Powerlifting Association and is the current chairman. Having qualified as a referee in 2010 Chris was a regular face at divisional and national events, qualifying as an International referee in 2015 taking over as Technical Secretary in 2017. As well as officiating Chris occasionally dusts off his Bench shirt to compete in equipped Bench press where his diminutive stature serves to his advantage.

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South West Division

Richard Bremner

Richard joined the BDFPA in 2014 as an athlete, getting very involved straight away with helping run competitions, he quickly become a divisional referee. Demonstrating his technical prowess he was soon ungraded to a National referee.

Taking over the South West division in 2016 Richard has organised many Divisional competitions. Displaying excellent management skills he has also successfully run National and International events during this time.

Richard runs Synergy Barbell powerlifting club based in Weston Super Mare focusing on grass roots development of lifter as well helping many to National and International success.

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Wales Division

Kathryn Holley

I am currently the divisional representative for Wales and took this role in January 2020, however I have been a member of the BDFPA for many years. When I am not lifting, which I try to make a rare moment, I am a Teacher!

Since the start of my membership I have competed at a National level as well as in the Europeans and World championships all in the 70kg category. Bench is by far the strongest of my lifts and for a while was the only one I could compete in after a tear in my glute. Bench is easily my favourite though and has seen me winning various of the competitions and receiving best lifter trophies.


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West Midlands Division

Pat Reeves

Pat joined the BDFPA in 2005 after a discussion with the sadly departed Andy Davies at an event she held at a BAWLA Divisional event in Birmingham.

Pat has worked professionally and tirelessly for many years with various presidents such as Andrew Cominos,  Neil Thomas and Manon Bradley to name a few.

As an athlete Pat was successful at all BDFPA/WDFPF events since joining and although diagnosed in the 1980s with terminal cancer, multiple kidney stent applications and right eyesight loss she has continued to battle on, setting numerous Masters World records along the way, she is a true survivor.

Coached by the great Gren Elmore for over twenty-five years ahead of his sad passing in 2014 Pat feels she would not have achieved or maintained these accolades without this association or the friends she has made along the way.

Pat has organised many National events along the way. She has held many responsibilities within the BDFPA such as the RAW Power Editor, West Midlands Divisional Rep, Technical Secretary, Drug Control Officer and International Referee. Pat is the long standing General Secretary and holds responsibility as an Executive Council Member.

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Divisional Positions Vacant

  • Northern Ireland Division
  • Southern Counties Division
  • South East Division
  • North East Division

Interested in becoming a divisional Rep?

Anyone wishing to apply for this is to contact the president in the first instance.

See outlined below the TORs for a divisional rep. If you feel you are in a position to support the BDFPA in undertaking any of the vacant div rep positions then get in touch.

Please note all positions in the BDFPA are volunteer ones and as such it is appreciated that some individuals may have the ability to fulfil the requirements detailed below, however if a potential applicant identifies one or two aspects where they may need additional guidance or support this sound not preclude them from applying as every effort will be made to provide additional support as required. For instance a common misconception is that to be a div rep you must have all of the equipment and a gym and although this would be hugely beneficial it is not the case. Using this as the example a div rep simply needs to facilitate a competition in their area which could be administered and run by other individuals providing the necessary expertise or indeed equipment.

Divisional representative of the BDFPA are expected to be responsible for:

  1. Promoting BDFPA in your divisional area by means of social media, local press and local gyms.
  2. Run divisional events to allow lifters in your area to qualify for the National Championships. This includes sourcing venues, trophies and running of the event.
  3. Assist with local events by means of fundraising and charity events where necessary to recruit new members.
  4. Assist with refereeing and doping testing as required.
  5. Holding Divisional referee exams days where applicable and in conjunction with the Technical Secretary.
  6. Ensuring Divisional referees have the opportunity to be mentored by National/International referees for the purpose of them progressing to National level themselves.
  7. Responding to requests from Divisional Representatives, NC members and club managers for information prior to events taking place in your area.
  8. Reply to all Ballots as in a timely manner as required.
  9. Reporting any compliments, complaints and lessons learnt to the president as required.