President & Drug Control Officer  

Mrs Ann Thomas MBE

Ann joined the BDFPA in 2006 as an athlete, progressing down the route of officiating and drugs testing where she quickly became qualified as a referee and doping facilitator. Ann helped shape the RAF Powerlifting future as a military sport in line with the BDFPA as the NGB for this sport, where this was extended across the 3 single services, Navy, Army & Royal Air Force to encompass the Combined Services Powerlifting Associations.

She became the British Drug Control Officer where she facilitated the delivery of drug testing program within the British organisation. Subsequently becoming the World Drug Control Officer where she oversees the management of worldwide Doping control program in all WDFPF nations serving in this role for many years.

In 2016 Ann became the Treasurer of the World Drug Free Powerlifting Federation and in 2017 was elected as BDFPA President where she continually holds this position. Since joining she has continually lifted within the BDFPA and attended many International events over the last 14 years both as an athlete and an official.  During her Presidency tenure she has help shape the organisation in becoming a public limited company with the assistance of the executive council.

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General Secretary

Pat Reeves

Pat joined the BDFPA in 2005 after a discussion with the sadly departed Andy Davies at an event she held at a BAWLA Divisional event in Birmingham .

She has worked professionally and tirelessly for many years with various presidents such as Andrew Cominos,  Neil Thomas and Manon Bradley to name a few.

As an athlete Pat was successful at all BDFPA/WDFPF events since joining and although diagnosed in the 1980s with terminal cancer, multiple kidney stent applications and right eyesight loss she has continued to battle on, setting numerous Masters World records along the way, a true survivor.

Coached by the great Gren Elmore for over twenty-five years ahead of his sad passing in 2014 Pat feels she would not have achieved or maintained these acholades without this association or the friends she has made along the way.

Pat has organised many National events along the way. She has held many responsibilities within the BDFPA such as the RAW Power editor, West Midlands Divisional Rep, Technical Secretary, Drug Testing officer and International referee. Pat is the long standing General Secretary and holds responsibility as an Executive Council Member.

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Sue Bethell

Sue joined BDFPA in 2011 as an M3 lifter, after a 20-year rest from powerlifting, having previously lifted in New Zealand and for a brief period in the UK. She holds national and world records in more than one weight category and participates in equipped and unequipped lifts. Sue qualified as an international referee in 2015 and officiates at world events in the UK and elsewhere. She took on the role of Treasurer in 2017, as a chartered accountant a role she is aptly qualified for.

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Membership Registrar (NC)

Catherine Walter, PhD, HENTF

Catherine began powerlifting in 2012 at the age of 65, and joined the BDFPA in 2013. She has competed Nationally and Internationally since then.  In 2016, she became BDFPA Membership Registrar.  Catherine is the Captain of the Linacre Ladies that Lift, a powerlifting club at the University of Oxford for women, cis and trans, and for people with a complex gender identity that includes ‘woman’. She promotes the benefits of powerlifting to the wider public, and especially to women and older people. As an athlete Catherine holds many Masters National and International World records, a true  inspiration to all those around her.

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Events Co-Ordinator

Neil Thomas MBE

Neil joined the BDFPA in 2004, having established the Army and later Combined Services Powerlifting Associations.  Shortly after joining he became the Championship Secretary, serving in the role for 2 years before becoming President of the BDFPA until 2017. In 2016 he became the Vice President of the World Drug Free Powerlifting Federation and in 2018 became the newly established BDFPA Events Co-ordinator. Since joining he has continually lifted within the BDFPA and attended many International events over the last 16 years both as an athlete and an official.  During his time as President he reviewed the delivery of National events that allowed for increased drugs testing making the BDFPA the predominant drugs testing organisation.

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Technical Secretary

Chris Martin

Chris joined the BDFPA in 2007 having previously lifted with BWLA in 2004. He was instrumental in forming the Royal Navy Powerlifting Association and is the current chairman. Having qualified as a referee in 2010 Chris was a regular face at divisional and national events, qualifying as an International referee in 2015 taking over as Technical Secretary in 2017. As well as officiating Chris occasionally dusts off his Bench shirt to compete in equipped Bench press where his diminutive stature serves to his advantage.

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British Records Registrar

Karen Dalziel

Karen joined the BDFPA in 2013 for her first competition with the now Police Scotland Powerlifting team. She has held the British and World title at 58.5kg, European and World title at Open 63kg and currently at M1 63kg. Karen has been selected for the Scottish 4 Nations team and was part of the team that won the trophy in 2015. Karen became a Divisional Referee in 2016 and was promoted to National level at the end of 2017. She became the Scottish and British Record Registrar in 2019. Karen also holds the L1 Powerlifting Coach certificate and is the head powerlifting coach of Glasgow Eagles (a disability sports group) and runs BDFPA affiliated club Achieve Strength in Kirkintilloch.

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Official Photographer  

Dave McWilliams 

Hello, I’m Dave, a retired powerlifter and BDFPA photographer. I Only have few photographs of myself when I used to lift so it’s a pleasure to share the photos that I take with you all. Although photography is not my occupation I thoroughly enjoy traveling to competitions and meeting everyone. I hope to see you all through the lens on a platform soon.


Instagram davemcwilliamsphotography

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