Opening Lifts Requirement for National events

The BDFPA has adopted the WDFPF minimum opening lift principle for its National level. This not only ensures a strong competitive ethos but prepare lifters for what is expected of them at International events.

Qualification to attend a National competition is dependent on an individual demonstrating that they are able to meet this criteria.

All lifters at National events are required to open on the WDFPF minimum opening lifts in both the equipped and unequipped events as detailed below.

A minimum opening lift is required in each of the 3 disciplines in a full power event.

UNEQUIPPED opening lifts requirement

EQUIPPED opening lift requirement

If you intend to claim an International record at National or Euro full power events you will also have to meet this requirement.


National Qualification Quick look up

Membership Requirements

Make sure you have a current & valid membership BEFORE applying to enter any competition. Membership numbers should be provided on entry forms if requested.

All divisional events have no qualification standard.

All National requirements are detailed in the minimum opening lift to qualify for all International Full Power or Single lift events. You must also place 1st, 2nd or 3rd in your age, weight category and county class ( for example-England, Scotland,Northern Ireland or Wales) at the National events, for an invite to any of the International events.

NOTE:- any divisional event held after the relevant National Championship counts as a qualifier for the following year.

You can post a full power lift into single lifts to qualify for a single lift event  but you may not combine the 3 single lift disciplines to make a full power total.

National & International competitions

Participation is strictly by qualification only.

All participants must currently have BDFPA membership.

For new members there is a minimum of 3 months membership requirement in order to set records and participation in at least one prior BDFPA competition.

Those whose membership of the association has lapsed after 31st Dec or a full membership year or more will be classed as “new” members, and be subject to the 3 month minimum rule. (NC Ballot Nov 2003).

Anyone wishing to participate at any International event, be it single lift or full power who have made the qualification by virtue of winning in the top 3 in their respective age and weight class much also ensure they are able to open on the minimum single lift openers.

This will be applied automatically at all International events and anyone unable to do this on the day will automatically be disqualified from the event.