BDFPA Marshall and International Referees

For lifters interested in becoming Divisional referees, with opportunity of progressing to National and International standard – please use the get in touch feature below.

Ann Thomas EC Marshall
Neil Thomas EC Marshall
Steve Van Kempen EC Marshall
Sue Bethell WAL Marshall
Stephen Baldock EC International
Glenn Branch EC International
Philip Tempest EC International
Mike Leadbetter NW International
Les Pilling NW International
Arthur Cowley SCO International
Peter Gaskin SCO International
Chris Martin SCO International
Stephen McQuade SCO International
Russell Martin SW International
Pat Reeves WM International

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BDFPA National and Divisional Referees


Joshua Batterham EC National
Jim Burden EC National
James Jeffries EC National
Nathan Leach EC National
Jeff Wilkes EC National
Habee Folami EM National
Stephen Hamilton EM National
Ruth Gardner NW National
Helen Isaac NW National
Trevor Walker NW National
William Brown SCO National
Karen Dalziel SCO National
Alistair Donaldson SCO National
Joanna Barwell SW National
Richard Bremner SW National
Jonathan Clarke SW National
Neal Collinson SW National
Michael Hawkins SW National
Mark Rattenberry SW National
Sean Smithson WAL National
Ryan Carolyn EC Divisional
Clare Hodgson EC Divisional
Lee Hyne EC Divisional
Helen Miller EC Divisional
David Watts EC Divisional
Natalie Winstone EC Divisional
Manon Walker NE Divisional
Christopher Marshall NM Divisional
Darren Blundell NW Divisional
Andy Bonner SC Divisional
Melanie Golding SE Divisional
Paul Golding SE Divisional
Alana Pash SE Divisional
Steven Harrild-Jones WAL Divisional
Kayley Phillips WAL Divisional