WDFPF Rulebook

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At International events the inspection of kit is not mandatory. It is the responsibility of the National Technical Secretary of all Nations to ensure that their lifters are wearing suitable equipment prior to or at International events.

Where lifters are unsure if an item meets the required criteria there will be a Technical Officer who will inspect as required. Where a lifter is found to enter the event with equipment that would otherwise fail to meet the required the lifter disqualified.

WDFPF qualification Totals & Scores apply to World Championship events both Full Power and Single Lifts and European Full Power and Single Lifts. If the Chief Referee observes the lifters head no longer in contact with the bench, he shall raise their arm indicating to the side referees that the head has come off the bench. In such case the side referees will automatically give a no lift. This is the ONLY occasion during the bench press the Chief Referee is allowed to raise their hand/arm.

Knee sleeves may be worn in the EQUIPPED Division only. They must not more than 30cm in total length. They must be made of a 1 Ply material From now on NO TYPE of shirt that is considere compressive is allowed to be worn at WDFPF events. This is defined as any type of shirt that is figure hugging and has elastic properties EQUIPPED MEANS EQUIPPED – any lifter entering the equipped competition must be equipped as indicated below: 1.Squat – A squat suit or Knee wraps/Sleeves or a combination of both 2.Bench Press – A recognised Bench Shirt is MANDATORY 3. Deadlift – A DL suit. Knee wraps/Sleeves or a combination of both FULL POWER OPENING LIFTS In order to promote a standart of lifting at international events not only must the TOTAL of all opening lifts meet the required total BUT ALL of the lifts entered must be a minimum of the SL qualifying lifts.